Friday, April 25, 2014

Fridays favorites

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This week I have been starving (must be the weather) and this has been my go to snack. I like to dip carrots, peppers, and tortilla chips in it. If you haven't tried it you must!

Flowers! I just need some reminder spring is coming which mean SUMMER is next. It has been a brutal winter here in MN this year.

 I miss being able to walk outside with the kids while they picked every flower they could find for me. Even the dandelions sit proudly on display :)

We have a gymnastics show this weekend and the theme is I Love the 80's. We are both super excited :) brynna does such a great job!

I have a bridal shower this weekend for my sister and I am so happy for her and her fiancé!

I have started a new book. There isn't much time for reading and I love it!
I love a happy home and I know it helps my kids flourish.

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  1. Are those lilacs in the picture? I haven't seen those in a while! We're still waiting for our flowers to bloom over here!