Friday, March 28, 2014

Five in Friday

1. I am super excited to have my car almost paid off!!! I keep my vehicles for a long time and not having payments is going to be awesome!!!

2. How I met your Mother is my favorite show. I love it like people loved friends. I can't say that I'm excited for the show to be done but I'm very excited to "meet the mother". I have already warned the kids that I will be watching tv for an hour Monday :) I usually record it and watch it when they go to bed.

3. Ice racing should wrap up this week and Bryce is currently ahead in points :)

4. Pinterest/ wedding planning
My sister and I send pins all day to each other. We've been full on wedding planning (I'm just suggesting) and it's been such a fun way of sharing ideas. Her wedding is coming up so fast!
Bouquet sneak peak

5. Planning Bryce's friend birthday party!
He always has such great ideas and fun friends. He's currently thinking going to the movies and having a sleepover. 

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