Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Easter basket ideas for children

For Easter baskets I usually add some sort of toy, hopefully something spring themed if it's finally warmed up outside (living in mn you never know what Easter will look like!) and then of course some candy. In previous years I've added bubbles, video games, summer floaties, swim suits, cute Easter socks and books just to name a few.

Here are some other ideas
You can never go wrong with side walk chalk, whether your playing hopscotch or drawing pictures it's hours of possibilities.

I don't know about everyone else but my daughter loves monster high and she is now brave enough to change her earrings. She will love these!

I am the lawn mower in my house and how much fun will bryella have following me in this :) she insists on "helping" me with most chores 

Reviews on this were really good and it's reuse able perfect in car rides or just sitting outside.

How cute is this head wrap and both the girls could share it. Bonus for mom :)

Rio 2 is coming out in April and my kids Love the first Rio. It's a bonus because usually they have to do a chore or be super good in church in order to go to the movie :) 

This is adorable and works for school and playing dress up

How cute are these mugs! My kids love hot cocoa and they are always fighting over my favorite cup, they'd love these for their own!

This is probably the hottest thing that all three kids will want, if we can wait that long!

And no Easter basket is complete without our favorite candy. A bag for every basket!

Next week I will talk about our Easter egg hunt for the kids and adults and the goodies we add to the eggs.
What do you all add to your baskets?

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