Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend festival

We enjoy hitting up small town festivals all summer long but our favorites occur at the end of summer.

This weekend we went to Otter Fest. It was Bryellas first time playing games. She's hard to keep still and loves doing what the big kids do. These games were perfect to keep her happy! And boy did she have many helpers! :-)

Who brings a snake to the park?? Eeww

Mad dash for candy!

Since all my children have winter ish birthdays my mom decided to celebrate their birthdays this summer so she could be involved. #snowbird My kids loved it though! Definitely made me wish one of my kids had a summer birthday as a warm swimming party is just way more fun than a cold ice skating party!

Bryella enjoyed her cupcake but not the sticky mess at the end ;)

Hope to enjoy this weekend as much as last!

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