Monday, October 20, 2014

Weekend fun at the Pumpkin Festival

This weekend was the 14th annual pumpkin festival near our house. It's the second year we have gone and we always have so much fun! Plus the weather was so much nicer this year than last year.

This is this years. So many huge great looking pumpkins and this one was the winner.
I wanted to use Bryella is a size reference but she was having none of it. She wanted to see every pumpkin.

We skipped the pumpkin carving station this year, and went to painting and decorating because we have already carved pumpkins for this year.

They did such a great job!

Finished products.

We then went to ride the ponies. Both the girls loved it!

Such cute cowgirls!

I missed recording the pumpkin drop but if you would like to see it check out the Williams Company Facebook account. It was an awesome drop!

Me and my girl matching :) 

Sunday we went swimming with Bryce's  Boy Scout troop. He has so much fun being in scouts! 

And the girls get to swim too!

Today is the last day for friends and family! Great deals!

Hope everyone had a great weekend and they're enjoying all fall has to offer!

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