Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Puddle jumping

Summer has had a pretty good start! We've been so busy playing outside, at the parks, on the trampoline, camps and walking every day!

I have been working hard on worrying less and being that yes mom!

No shoes while walking the block to the neighbors? Sure. I remember never wearing shoes as a child, I shouldn't insist my kids do.

Want to play in the mud puddles just after your bath? Why not, we'll just wash up again. I guess we are making memories and messes :).
Bryella is just like her sister and drawn to water :) I've lost the battle.

Someone has been busy getting a ride all over town...
Look at that face! Pure joy! 

Brynna and bryella seem to both be learning to ride bikes ;)

I hope everyone's summer has been going as great as ours!

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