Thursday, May 1, 2014

Weekend recap

alright it's Thursday and I am just now getting to my weekend recap. I enjoyed a few link ups this week and then work put me behind blogging.

I had to work this weekend but we did have some fun. 

Bryella played with bubbles for the first time! It was cold and windy out and she didn't have much luck chasing them :) but she was the first one to see the deer crossing!

Sunday was my sisters bridal shower. It was such a wonderful time to visit with everyone there.  The wedding seems to be coming up so fast!

My mom my sisters and me
My aunt and the bride to be
Cupcake taste tester!

Brynna had her gymnastics show on Sunday also. She did such an amazing job! He skills have improved and she loves going to gymnastics. It's so amazing watching her grow!
Tuesday we went out to eat at space aliens for kaitees birthday. It was also Bryellas first time here and she loved the games :) 

I got a little wedding shoe shopping in. I think I'm going with these.... The ones I bought have a shorter heel though as I do need to chase after three children still :) while looking photograph appropriate!

And that was our weekend!

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